Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day in the USA on July 4th and take part in the many celebrations.

4th of July celebrations

The good old USA doesn’t do the 4th of July by halves, oh no. Or, unlike its craft beer, even thirds.

Curiously, as is often the case with American culture, the event is even starting to get far greater traction than before on this side of the pond, historical irony of ironies.

The 4th of July celebrations can be big, brash and brilliantly boisterous. So where to begin? Well, it’s everywhere across that vast nation.

So, the better question is, where’s best?

The best places to celebrate Independence Day

Philadelphia, one of the time-honoured cradles of old America, is as good a place as any. Philly’s bash is big on marchers, with 5,000 taking to its historic streets, plus lots of floats.

The capital, Washington DC, is tops for 4th of July pomp, with its National Independence Day Parade.

Boston, too, heaps on the tradition worthy of a venerable city and gives it large in the name of independence, with fireworks and cannons across the Charles River and a huge, stirring music concert performed by the famous Boston Pops.