Malta International Firework Festival

The Malta International Firework Festival is an annual event held every April in the country's capital, Valletta, celebrating Malta's anniversary on joining the EU.

Celebrating Malta's accession to the EU

For the past 14 years, April in the Maltese capital Valletta has gone off with a bang.

Malta’s International Fireworks Festival was initiated in 2003 to mark the island nation’s accession to the European Union. Malta has been using that as a good enough excuse for a big party ever since.

This blizzard of the very best pyrotechnics from internationally-renowned masters in the field of fireworks, plus Malta-based firework manufacturers, shakes and booms the island over three days.

Pure extravaganzas of music and light

There is a large son et lumiere element to each firework event.

The displays are pure extravaganzas of music and lights, which in 2017 were staged variously Xaghra on Malta’s sister island Gozo, at Marsaxlokk and culminating in the big one, with a trophy presentation and pyromusical display bar none in Valletta’s Grand Harbour.

Competition is fierce between the fireworks producers, as they go head-to-head and shoot their pyrotechnic prides and joy across the harbour.

This event is a big draw for tourists these days, so if you’re thinking of staying in Valletta during fireworks time, you’d best book well in advance.