New England in the fall

Forests of New England take on a flaming red and golden hue and provide visitors with an incredible natural spectacle.

A beautiful autumn spectacular

As autumn approaches – or the fall, as we’re talking New England – that sublime eastern US region’s forests take on a flaming red and golden hue.

This spectacular show of nature’s shifting seasonal glories provides visitors with some singularly inspirational sights.

Some of the best places in New England to enjoy the fiery fall foliage are part and parcel of Saga’s exciting Contrasts of New England tour.

Lake Winnipesaukee, White Mountain National Forest and the Lincoln Lakes region

A journey beside the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee is one such excursion that’s simply picture perfect.

For natural grandeur, however, an excursion to the White Mountain National Forest will more than inspire, as will a tour of the Lincoln Lakes region.

The Lakes’ stunning woodlands are a haven for wildlife, and the area is in fact made up of a string of no fewer than 14 lakes, flanked throughout by a glorious treescape.