Seychelles in May

May is the best month to visit the Seychelles, where the weather is at its best and conditions for snorkelling and scuba diving are practically perfect.

The best time to visit the Seychelles

There’s never a bad time to visit the feted paradise islands of the Seychelles. Only very good and even better times.

May is one those even better times, as that’s when conditions are at their best for those of you who enjoy donning your flippers and mask for a spot of diving and snorkelling, and the climate is cool and dry.

You can join a small group on your Seychelles trip on visits to protected habitats, plus the chance of swimming and snorkeling from powder-sand paradise beaches.

A nature lovers paradise

Once back on deck or dry land after a dip in those sapphire seas, a holiday in the Seychelles offers nature lovers an absolute symphony for the senses of fascinating flora and fauna.

The islands of the Seychelles and its waters are home to swathes of often unique wildlife, in particular, places such as Aride. 

Saga’s itinerary on trips to the Seychelles includes a visit to Aride, a nature reserve which hosts one of the most important sea bird populations in the Indian Ocean.

Aride is home to 18 native bird species – five of which only live on the Seychelles – plus there is indigenous flora such as Wright's gardenia.

And the Seychelles’ bird sanctuary at Cousin Island is another must-see on your visit.