Sicily food festivals

Visit Sicily during the infamous food harvests and enjoy a touch of traditional Sicilian food and drink from pistachio nuts to ice cream.

The incredible culinary brilliance of Sicily

September’s food harvest time in Sicily sparks a spate of celebratory festivals in honour of the incredible culinary brilliance and bounty of this magnificent island, where great food is almost a state religion. Almost.

One such festival – including a live food fair with, yes, live food – breaks out with customary Sicilian zest and fervour in Ciminna, near the capital Palermo.

This happens on San Vito’s Day, in the shape of a big, showy parade through the town.

A festival of pistachio nuts, ice cream and seafood

During September’s Sicilian harvest, many individual specialities and local produce favourites get their tilt at glory with their – yes – very own festivals.

Near Mount Etna, the town of Bronte hosts a festival of…pistachio nuts.

Sicily’s serious seafood culture takes centre stage at Lipari’s Sagra del Pesce festival, while San Vito Lo Capo holds a Couscous Fest, a proper lively affair in western Sicily with plenty of music and dancing thrown in for good measure.

Central Palermo holds the Sherbeth Festival at the end of September, which is a showcase of superlative artisan ice cream.

And Aragona, near Agrigento, welcomes meat-mad foodies when for one day it becomes the spiritual home of all things sausage, at its Sagra della Salsiccia festival.