Sri Lankan Rain Season

Enjoy a wildlife spectacular when you visit the wonderful island of Sri Lanka during it's rainy season in April - an event that you'll want to get wet for!

The rainforests of Sri Lanka welcome back their wildlife

The rainy season in April is a special time in Sri Lanka, particularly for the nation’s wildlife. It’s that part of the year when the rainforests welcome back animals into their canopied embrace.

In fact, seeing up close the glorious indigenous animals of Sri Lanka should be important part of any trip to the island nation, no doubt about that. It’s not an opportunity visitors should pass up.

And to make the most of enjoying the beauty of Sri Lanka’s incomparable wildlife, well cared for in parks where conservation programmes are the key, there are many organised excursions available when you travel there.

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Take, for example, the sterling conservation work which is done at Sri Lanka’s Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawela accommodates in the region of 60 young elephants which would otherwise not have had a chance of survival on their own.

The young elephants have either been found unwell, abandoned by their herd, or both.

The conservation programme at Pinnawella helps these stately young elephants have a second chance of the leading long lives they deserve.

Furthermore, visitors will find some priceless photo opportunities there, with the effortlessly photogenic young elephants wallowing in mud and mucking about on the banks of the river.

A large and diverse array of fish, birds, reptiles and other wild animals can be found when you take a trip to Minneriya National Park. Here you will see flocks of wading birds, elephants, water buffalo, wild boar, deer and a population of leopards.