Celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA on the 4th Thursday of November and take part in the many celebrations including the famous Macy's parade and the giant turkey dinner.

The biggest American national holiday

That particularly American national holiday, Thanksgiving, is yet to catch on in the UK. Like all these things, give it time, we say.

Although it was first recognised in the States some little while ago in 1789. So it is taking a bit of a while to seep into the British holiday season consciousness.

Nonetheless, when in America and all that. So if you're in the USA on the fourth Thursday in November, where are the best places (apart from in an American family home complete with an eight-berth turkey and everything) to embrace that homely Thanksgiving feeling?

If you fancy a blast of razzmatazz to kick off the American festive season, then you must seriously hoof it to New York City, where else.

The best places for Thanksgiving

Manhattan's famous Macy's department store has been putting on the style since 1920 with its annual Thanksgiving parade, a properly festive family pageant, with bands and floats and all the trimmings.

Chicago, meanwhile, plays host to a marching parade to put its special stamp - and stomp - on the big day.

A German-style Christmas market has in recent years also become something of a staple in the Windy City from Thanksgiving week through the whole holiday period.

If you fancy a more downhome, low-key twist to your Thanksgiving experience, then go for that New England Pilgrim Fathers vibe of old.

You can do this by joining the Thanksgiving celebrations at colonial Plimouth Plantation, at Plymouth, an hour or so from Boston.

A homely, family-focused small town celebration is the order of day, although there's still plenty enough to see and do over an extended Thanksgiving weekend, including a food festival and a parade.