The Edinburgh Fringe

The biggest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Fringe to an annual event held in August.

The largest performing arts and entertainment festival in the world

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest - and without doubt the most dynamic – performing arts and entertainment festival in the world.

This year, 2017, offers an especially big reason – or should that be excuse – for Fringe-related celebrations as it marks the festival’s 70th year.

The Fringe takes over Scotland’s capital every August with a riot of performances of all kinds and at every turn.

There’s music, comedy, dance, theatre of both the on-stage and street variety, cabaret, plus tons of deliciously avant-garde shows all over the city.

Comedic value

But it’s with comedy, and particularly of the stand-up variety, that the Fringe retains its deepest association in the public mind.

Edinburgh’s big annual live bonanza has over the years acted as a launchpad for the successful careers of countless household names, including the likes of Frank Skinner, Billy Connolly, Jo Brand, Rowan Atkinson and Ben Elton.

Want something else to smile about? Well, if you join Saga’s Edinburgh Fringe at Sea cruise from Dover to Edinburgh’s Port of Leith next August, you’ll be arriving in the great city right at Fringe time, ready to lap up the whole party atmosphere.

But don’t worry: you won’t have to brave doing a spot of stand-up, unless you really want to. Stop heckling at the back, there.