The festival of Diwali

Visit India and celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of Lights, which is celebrated every year in the autumn

The Festival of Lights

Light, both of the real and of the metaphorical kind, play a huge role in Diwali, that most sacred of celebrations in the Hindu world.

The Diwali festival is a public holiday for practitioners of Hinduism in several southern Asian countries.

But go to India in October and November and you will be lucky enough to become enrapt, we guarantee, in the splendor of this joyous five-day event.

Lights, lights, everywhere!

This festival of lights, as Diwali is also known, is likewise celebrated by Sikhs and Jains.

Houses, shops and temples are bedecked in lights throughout this heralding of the Hindu new year, as a metaphor for good overcoming evil.

Family members exchange gifts, the inside of homes are filled with lights, toys and flowers, and are fully spruced up from top to bottom.

There are also firework displays, and a big family feast is very much part of Diwali, with everyone done up in their finest clothes for the festival.