The Midnight Sun in Iceland

The Midnight Sun is at its best during the Summer Solstice, where day and night literally merge into one.

Where to see the Midnight Sun

To immerse yourself in the other-worldly experience of the midnight sun, which is likely to phase even the most metronomic of body clocks, you must venture north.

Really north. Proper north. As north as it gets.

The traditional gateway to the Arctic, and first staging post for those on the quest for that strangest of ethereal suns, is the Norwegian city of Tromso.

From here, early Arctic explorers habitually took their first steps out into the uncharted white vastness. Some even came back.

The world's Northernmost town

Claim to the title of the world's northernmost town resides with Hammerfest, home to many of the enduring traditions of the indigenous Sami people and culture.

However, on you can go to the even more remote Honningsvag, capital of Norway's North Cape.

Honningsvag is a mere 21 miles from the most northerly extremity of Europe, and the place to be for the full sensory-sharpening experience of an Arctic summer.