The Northern Lights

Go in search of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), most notable between the months of October and March in the Northern Hemisphere.

Cruise to Norway to see the Northern Lights

Ever seen the Northern Lights first-hand? Their spectacular night-sky display might seem familiar from what you've seen on the TV and in photos.

But if you haven't yet gazed at the spellbinding Northern Lights live, as it were, then a trip to northern Norway beckons.

A cruise to witness the Northern Lights takes you on a journey where the drama of nature unfolds at every turn before your eyes, in the shape of vertiginous cliffs, jawdroppingly deep valleys and inspiring snow-capped mountains.

Alta, Alesund and Seydisfjordur

Visit the town of Alta, be certain to take in with wonder a concert of ethereal music in its cathedral of the Northern Lights.

Another good starting point from which you have a great chance of witnessing the mysterious lights is if you sail at night from the Norwegian city of Alesund, itself something of a man-made marvel with a surprising wealth of sumptuous art nouveau buildings, the like of which you'll see nowhere else in Scandinavia.

Your seabound quest for the lights could also take you to another place of near picture-perfection, the delightful small east Icelandic town of Seydisfjordur, with its beautifully preserved array of old timber buildings.

Entering this jewel of a town by cruise ship along its eponymous 10-mile long fjord is a trip of spectacular scale and proportion in itself. 

And to heighten the drama even further, Seydisfjordur sits pretty between two 3,000 feet mountains, Strandartindur and Bolfur.