Best Things about working for Saga and Other Benefits

We currently have over 1000 crew working onboard our Ships and its easy to sea why people love to work at Sea


The Best Things about working onboard a Cruise Ship:


Travelling the world: The main reason people choose to work at Sea is the opportunity to travel. Working onboard our Ships you will spend each day waking up in a different port of call and will be getting paid to explore the world.


• Meeting New People: Working at Sea gives you the opportunity to meet new people, with 500 crew on each of our Ships there is the opportunity to meet lots of new people from all over the world and for lifelong friendships to be made.


• Opportunity to Save: Working onboard means that your accommodation and meals are provided free of charge. This allows a great opportunity for money to be saved while you’re working at Sea.
• Progression Opportunities: We undertake personal development plans with individuals onboard and offer the opportunity to cross train and promote within. We also offer opportunities to improve skills with the use of e learning and Saga funded training courses.


• A competitive benefit package: We ensure we offer a benefit package we consistently ensure our package suits your needs.
• A Unique Career: At Saga Cruises, no day at sea is the same.