The Resort Team

Saga Resort Team

Hear From The Team

Hear from our resort representatives, tour managers and field staff to find out why they are so dedicated to going the extra mile to create the best holiday experiences for our customers.


What Makes Us Different?

We feel that the extras are important when deciding your next career move. From day one, a range of benefits will be available to you.

10 Best Things & Other Benefits

So... You're probably asking yourself what are the best things about working at Saga. Here is a list compiled by current employees and also the details of some of our great benefits.

Application Advice & Tips

Saga likes to provide its employees with the best tools and opportunities to be successful, so why would you be any different.

Saga History

Saga History

We’re really proud of our company and its heritage – and we hope you will be too.

Learn more about our history and see how you can be part of our future.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Saga recognises the importance of community groups, and looks to champion ways in which support can be provided to help those at risk of isolation.