What is a home emergency?

Put simply, a 'home emergency' is an event that happens suddenly and unexpectedly and needs immediate action. In the event of a home emergency, Saga will send an approved tradesman to your property to:

  • prevent damage or further damage to your home; and/or
  • make your home safe, secure and habitable.

The following situations are classed as emergencies...

  • Your toilet won't flush
  • There is a totally blocked drain within the boundary of your property
  • The kitchen sink is blocked and unusable
  • A water pipe suddenly starts leaking badly and there's nothing you can do to stop it
  • You lose all power to your home and/or all your lights stop working
  • There's a wasp nest inside or attached to your home.

The following situations are not classed as emergencies...

  • A leak from the roof that has been happening for some time or is not unexpected

  • The locks on the front door have stopped working, however the door is secure and access to the property is possible via the back door

  • The inner pane of your double glazing has broken, other panes are fine and the property is safe and secure.

In addition, we could not help you with the following...

  • An emergency that happens due to something that you were aware of either before the start of the policy, or within the first 14 days of the policy

  • If you live in a property with shared facilities, for example a flat, we cannot help with problems relating to a roof, plumbing, water supply pipes, drainage, electrics, doors or windows, if these are shared.