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Dr Mark Porter

With 26 years’ experience in practice and a partner in a busy South Gloucestershire surgery, Mark is also resident doctor on BBC One’s The One Show, presents Radio 4’s Inside Health, writes for The Times, and has even popped up on celebrity versions of The Weakest Link and Mastermind. Saga Magazine readers can ask for his expert opinion on any health issue, from a sprained wrist to high cholesterol or chronic disease. Mark was awarded an MBE in 2005 for services to medicine.

Latest Articles from Dr

Health & Wellbeing
Q10 supplement with statins
Do you need a Q10 supplement if you take statins?
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Health & Wellbeing
Statins: an insider’s guide
Who genuinely needs to take statins? Read the lowdown from GP Dr Mark Porter.
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Health & Wellbeing
Why does my knee ache when I’m away?
Dr Mark Porter advises a reader whose knee aches more when visiting family,
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