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Easy picnic food ideas

19 June 2017

Whether you’re heading to the beach or trekking in the hills, find out how to make the most of outdoor eating on the go with these easy picnic food ideas.

Family enjoying a picnic

Chicken and mozzarella stuffed sandwich

Stuffed loaf

For a sandwich with a difference try stuffing a loaf, such as a ciabatta or round sourdough loaf, with your favourite filling in layers, such as slices of cooked chicken, mozzarella and pesto. Either cut into slices before you go or pack a breadknife, but be sure to assemble the sandwich in advance so it has time to firm up.

Recipe: chicken and mozzarella sandwich loaf

Recipe: ham muffaletta



This easy and delicious Greek spinach and feta pie (made with shop bought filo pastry) is best served at room temperature so it’s ideal for picnics.

Recipe: spanakopita

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette can be enjoyed hot or cold – so why not make in advance and enjoy hot one day and take the leftovers out for a picnic the next?

Recipe: Spanish omelette

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Stuffed vine leaves

Stuffed vine leaves

Lovely little pockets of rice, herbs and sometimes minced lamb. Try making your own, if you like, although they can also be bought from the supermarket.

Recipe: stuffed vine leaves

Cornish pasties

Cornish pasties

Pasties are made to be portable so they’re the perfect picnic food. Make from scratch or, if you’re short of time, use ready-made shortcrust pastry - or just visit the supermarket or local butcher!

Recipe: Cornish pasties

Falafels in pitta bread

Falafel in pitta

Pittas stuffed with falafel, salad and hummus make an ideal picnic food. Take extra pittas toasted and cut into strips along with crudites for dipping into hummus and other dips.

Recipe: falafel in pitta pockets

Greek salad

Greek salad

Greek salad travels particularly well so fill a tub with this fresh, crunchy salad and hit the road.

Recipe: Greek salad

Noodle Kilner jar salad

Kilner jar salad

Serve salad in a jar for a healthy lunch on the go. The trick is to make sure the dressing is at the bottom with noodles, protein and crunchy vegetables above it. Leaves should always go right at the top to stop them going soggy.

Recipe: Asian-style noodle salad

The Hairy Bikers artichoke and lemon dip

Crudites and dips

One of the easiest picnic foods is surely a tub of hummus and some sliced crunchy vegetables such as peppers, carrots, radishes and celery. Supermarkets are filled with a range of different hummus varieties but you could try making your own, or try something a bit different such as the Hairy Bikers' artichoke and lemon dip pictured above that can be whipped up in about 10 minutes.

Recipe: hummus

Recipe: broad bean hummus

Recipe: artichoke and lemon dip

Recipe: avocado dip

Strawberries dipped in yoghurt and hazelnuts

Strawberries dipped in yoghurt

A delicious and easy dessert for a healthy picnic – particularly good for a Champagne picnic!

Recipe: strawberries dipped in yoghurt

Lightning-fast banana balls

Lightning fast banana balls

Delicious little energy balls made from bananas, oats and nuts. Perfect for a little snack during a hike or for a sweet treat after a picnic.

Recipe: banana balls

Annabel Karmel's lunchbox cakes

Rice Krispie cupcakes

These are ideal for grandchildren to make and make perfect little snacks on the go.

Recipe: Rice Krispie cupcakes

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