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Pomegranate green tea cooler

09 September 2016

This pomegranate green tea cooler is a refreshing mocktail for hot days.

Pomegranate green tea cooler
Pomegranate green tea cooler

A pomegranate green tea cooler makes the perfect non-alcoholic drink the whole family can enjoy, whether among Italy’s lush green countryside, or next to its glorious beaches and lakes. 

Refreshing green tea, red pearls of pomegranate seeds, the zing of Italian lime and the floral aroma of thyme. Finished off with tonic water this mocktail is a sparkling delight which will keep you cool and hydrated throughout the day.

Pomegranate green tea cooler ingredients

Makes 2 mocktails

  • 2 Green tea bags
  • 200ml cold water
  • Seeds from ½ pomegranate
  • 4 springs of thyme plus more to decorate
  • 30ml Pomegranate & elderflower cordial
  • Juice of ½ Italian lime
  • 2 handfuls of ice plus more to serve
  • Tonic water
  • Slices of lime to serve


1. Steep the green teabags in 200ml of cold water for 10 mins.

2. Remove the teabags and pour the tea into a cocktail shaker.

3. Add the ice, pomegranate cordial, the sprigs of thyme and the lime juice to the cocktail shaker.

4. Shake the cocktail shaker until the outside of it is very cold, the longer you can do this the more the thyme will infuse.

5. Put the pomegranate seeds (reserve a few to decorate) and ice into the glasses.

6. Strain the liquid from the cocktail shaker into the glasses and top with tonic water to add a little fizz.

7. Add slices of lime, sprigs of thyme and the remaining pomegranate seeds to decorate.

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