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Ten easy vegan recipe ideas

03 January 2017

Whether you’re taking part in Veganuary, starting meat-free Mondays or simply trying to reduce the amount of meat and dairy in your diet, these vegan recipes won’t leave you wanting.

Vegan recipes
Quick bean chilli, avocado and black bean salad, chestnut pudding and harissa-glazed aubergine

Cauliflower, potato and spinach curry

There are more vegetarians in India than there are in the rest of the world combined so it’s no wonder that Indian cuisine is full of fantastic meat-free meals, although yoghurt, ghee and paneer do feature too. Curry is ideally suited to being vegan and can be made with just about any vegetables you have to hand. Try this delicious cauliflower, potato and spinach curry, with some rice and vegetable samosas on the side.

Recipe: Cauliflower, potato and spinach curry

Slow cooker sweet potato hot pot

Slow cooker sweet potato hotpot

This filling hotpot is perfect comfort food for cold winter nights. Serve it with a chunk of crusty bread if you like, or simply eat it as it is. If you don’t have a slow cooker it can also be cooked on the stove until all the vegetables are tender.

Recipe: Slow cooker sweet potato hotpot

Mushroom and chestnut puddings with a red wine sauce

Mushroom and chestnut puddings

There’s no need for someone following a vegan diet to miss out on a Sunday roast. This savoury pudding in a rich red wine sauce is perfect with roast potatoes (roasted in vegetable oil, of course!) and vegetables.

Recipe: Mushroom and chestnut puddings

Avocado and black bean salad

Avocado and black bean salad

This salad is filling, nutritious and packed with protein from the beans. It makes an ideal lunch or light evening meal when time is tight.

Recipe: Avocado and black bean salad

vegetable stir-fry with tofu

Vegetable stir fry with marinated tofu

Tofu can be tricky to get right if you’re not used to it. It’s an extremely versatile ingredient that can be fried, scrambled, creamed and more. It often requires a lot of work to give it some flavour, but don’t be put off, these days most supermarkets now stock marinated tofu pieces that can easily be added to stir fries.

Recipe: Vegetable stir fry with marinated tofu

Harissa-glazed aubergine with coconut and peanuts

Harissa-glazed aubergine

Enjoy a taste of the Middle East with these gorgeous aubergine slices coated in rose harissa (available at most supermarkets) and served with a coconut yoghurt. Use up leftover harissa by coating potato cubes and roasting until crispy and golden.

Recipe: Harissa-glazed aubergine

Quick black bean chilli

Quick black bean chilli

As with curry, chilli is ideally suited to being made vegan. Tinned black beans (or a tin of mixed beans) can quickly and easily be turned into a deliciously versatile chilli that can be eaten with rice, as a baked potato topping or in a wrap.

Recipe: Quick black bean chilli

Curried chickpeas with cauliflower rice

Curried chickpeas with cauliflower rice

Chickpeas are a vegan on a budget’s best friend – you can get tins for around 35p, or buy them dried in bulk. This quick recipe, served with cauliflower rice, is ideal for a speedy midweek meal.

Recipe: Curried chickpeas with cauliflower rice

Quick maple and cauliflower soup

Quick maple and cauliflower soup

A velvety soup with all the rich flavour of roasted cauliflower and topped with a healthy dose of bitter leaves to compliment the sweet maple flavour of the soup.

Recipe: Quick maple and cauliflower soup

Vegan pancakes with oats and blueberries

Blueberry and oat banana pancakes

These pancakes use a ripe banana instead of egg, and almond milk instead of milk. They’re extremely delicious and perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth.

Recipe: Blueberry and oat banana pancakes

Visit our vegan recipe section for even more delicious meals free from meat, eggs, dairy and honey.

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