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How are you using your Mobility Allowance?

21 October 2016

Have you just received your DLA or PIP letter confirming your eligibility for a Mobility Allowance?

Ford Mobility

Or have you been receiving an allowance already and are reconsidering your Motability options? Perhaps you’re a carer or an appointee for somebody with a disability and are unsure of how to spend your allowance?

Whatever your situation is, TrustFord’s Motability trained and accredited specialists recognise you as an individual. They understand you may have specific needs that might differ to those of any customer they might have met before.

Ford Focus

TrustFord makes Motability simple for you

And here’s how they do it.

Once you’ve received your DLA or PIP eligibility letter simply give your local TrustFord dealership a call and ask to book an appointment with the Motability Specialist. TrustFord’s Motability Specialists are known for their flexible and friendly attitude towards their customers. If you think you might find it difficult to get to the dealership, TrustFord will do whatever they can to help.

Before you head off to the dealership, try to remember to take your letter with you as the Motability Specialist will need to see this. If you’re somebody’s carer, simply make sure you take proof of your identity and of your appointment as ‘carer’ or ‘appointee’ as well as your letter from the DLA.

TrustFord’s priority is making sure you feel confident and comfortable about the choices you make with us. Their advisors understand that buying a car is a huge commitment for a lot of people and so they encourage you to visit them with a family member or a friend so you can get a trusted second opinion.

When you arrive at the dealership you’ll be offered a hot drink and greeted by a friendly specialist who’ll ask you to talk them through your mobility circumstances. They’ll ask you some questions about your lifestyle and what you’re hoping to get from your new Motability car, if you choose to buy one. Your answers will help them to find the best fitting car for you.

Spoilt for choice

It’s often assumed that Motability cars are ‘boring’ and ‘practical’ but pushing the boundaries against stereotypes, TrustFord offers you an experience to discover a Ford car that not only meets your disability requirements but also fulfils your desires. You’ll be spoilt for choice from the Ford Focus to the fancy family saloon, the Mondeo or you could even try the sporty ST-line – now with no advance payment.

Whichever car you choose to spend your allowance on you’ll be sure to receive a number of benefits including, insurance for two named drivers, RAC breakdown cover, service and maintenance, and an allowance of up to 60,000 miles a year.

Ford Ecosport

Adaptations to suit your needs

Your disability or the disability of the person whom you are caring for might require special adaptations to be made to your Mobility car. TrustFord’s specialists are great at organising adaptations to be fitted to vehicles and can make arrangements to do this to suit your needs. They’ll talk you through all the car's features and help you feel comfortable before driving your car away.

You'll get a Motability car for three years during which TrustFord will provide you with ongoing assistance. They’ll also contact you when your contract is nearing its end so you can feed back on your Motability experience and talk about the best options for you going forward.

When you purchase a Motability car from them, TrustFord commit to a three year relationship with you which they strive to maintain and hope to exceed. Your happiness and your comfort is what matters to TrustFord.

This article was sponsored by Motability at TrustFord; for more information call your local TrustFord Dealership and book an appointment with a Motability Specialist today.


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