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Ready, set, love: are you ready for a new relationship?

27 April 2015

Are you ready for a new relationship? Take note of these top tips and navigate this exciting new phase with ease.

Senior couple walking along the beach
A new relationship can be daunting and exciting

Making room in your life for a new partner can be a big adjustment, no matter how many sparks are flying.

It can be particularly difficult for people who’ve experienced the breakdown of a marriage, the death of a partner or significant time on their own to bring someone new into their lives. Never fear – here are five tips to help you navigate this exciting new phase of your life.

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1. Let go of the past

Always make sure you’re free and ready to move on before you commit to someone new and if you’re not ready, say so. It’s better to be single than to be with the wrong person, or hurt someone who deserves their own happiness. Cut ties if you need to and seek closure with anyone threatening to hold you back, so you can move forward with grace and confidence.

2. Avoid comparisons to a previous partner

When you’re dating over 50 it goes without saying that you’ll have had previous relationships and while some may have ended well, some may have ended badly. It’s important to make sure your new partner knows you’re emotionally available and not hung up on the past. If you think talking about an ex will be upsetting for them, make a conscious effort not to do it. No one likes to be compared to a previous partner, no matter what the situation.

3. Introduce your new partner to your children and loved ones

You might be a little wary of doing this at first, but once you’ve spent a significant amount of time together and built up an element of trust, it’s probably time to make those important introductions. Make sure both of you are comfortable with meeting the other’s loved ones before any arrangements are made, in order to avoid any awkward situations. Choose a location on mutual ground – like a nice restaurant – if you think it will be easier.

4. Maintain the balance between new and old

A new relationship with someone special will inevitably start to fill in some of those time slots that you previously spent with friends and family. When you’re starting something new, don’t forget to spend time away from your partner with the other important people in your life – and don’t give up your old life for anything. Soon your precious time together will even more special, because you’ll have a balanced, fulfilling life.

5. Love fearlessly

You might find that doubts hold you back at the start of a new relationship. Maybe you’ve been hurt before and carry some fear that it might happen again. Maybe you feel as though you’re not worthy of someone’s love. Be brave. See this opportunity for what it is; something fresh, something exciting, something you deserve. Embrace this new chapter in your life and open your mind as well as your heart to the possibility that this new love might just be the greatest love you’ve ever had.

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