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Why online dating is better over 50

05 May 2015

There are so many things in life that are better over the age of 50 – and there’s no reason why dating shouldn’t be one of them! Let’s take a look at why dating over 50 can be even more enjoyable than in your younger years.

Online dting is better for the over 50's

1. You have far more life experience behind you

Chances are that if you’re dating in your 50s you’ve been around the block a few times, maybe even the world. You have a plethora of interesting stories to break the ice and get the ball rolling and even more on hand to help you know whether the person you’re on a date with is a good match or not. More life experience makes you a more interesting person, even if you wouldn’t necessarily count all your experiences as good ones.

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2. It can be a really excellent confidence booster

Dating might be the last thing you thought you’d be doing over the age of 50. But everyone has their share of relationship struggles, and dating can give you a huge confidence boost. Just talking to someone new can help you air some of your thoughts and often, seeing the look of awe or appreciation in their eyes can lift you to the top of the world again. What you assumed would put someone off could turn out to be the thing they’re most attracted to.

3. You know who you are and what you want

Regardless of what you were like the last time you dated, you’re likely very different now – and that can be a good thing. Dating when we’re younger can bring up all sorts of issues, mainly because we don’t know what we really want and need yet. As we get older we tend to get clearer ideas of what makes us happy, and what is likely to make us unhappy.

4. You have more money and/or time to enjoy yourself

When we’re dating in our 20s and 30s we’re often juggling a lot of things, like burgeoning careers and friendships as well as family responsibilities. In an effort to have everything at once we are quick to jump to decisions and conclusions that can turn out to be the wrong ones. Over 50 we’re usually more settled in our careers, our kids are growing up and we have more time and disposable income to enjoy life.

5. It will give you a new lease of life

A new reason to get up in the morning, or to make some plans can be all we need to get our heart racing and our blood flowing and for our bodies to start responding in the same way as our brains – with renewed vigour and passion. Dating over 50 can be better than it was at any other age and can give us a new sense of freedom, excitement and happiness. Why not give it a shot?

For more information about online dating over 50, check out our online dating tips, and advice on how to win at online dating.

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