Dilemma: my family ruin my diets

Jo Brand / 12 April 2018

Jo Brand is here with a few potential answers to why a reader's family make it difficult to diet by producing tempting treats.

Dilemma: my family sabotage my diets

Every time I attempt to go on a diet, my family try to sabotage it.

Rather than encouraging me, they tell me I’ll never keep it up and start tempting me with treats.

How can I get them to change?

Jo Brand's advice

Oh dear, that’s not in the slightest bit helpful, is it?The implication here seems to be that your family do not want you to lose weight.

So why would that be? Are they happy with the status quo?

Perhaps they are worried that if you lose weight you will run off to Spearmint Rhino to be a pole dancer or start having an affair with Harry Styles? Maybe they’re worried about you being horribly grumpy for months on end.

Who knows?

The fact is they will probably never willingly tell you and I would imagine each member of the family has different subconscious motivations anyway. Maybe they just like teasing you?

As you probably know in your heart, this is not a particularly valid excuse for not starting a diet.

So rather than your family forcing you to fall at the first hurdle, ignore the buggers and get on with it! Here are, hopefully, a few helpful tips.

First of all, you could join a group to diet. This will enable you to get some support, make friends and slag off your annoying, provocative family to your heart’s content.

Secondly, see your family’s discouragement as part of the challenge and face this evil head-on. Keep a record of the times they have tried to thwart your efforts and how you have conquered these temptations. Reward yourself if you kick a certain number of their attempts into the long grass… but not with food!

Thirdly, perhaps you could go on strike and refuse to cook/clean/support them until they start supporting you. Treat yourself to a weekend/few days away at a health spa to kick-start your diet and leave them to fend for themselves.

Finally, remember that it’s all down to you in the end. It’s not Greggs’ fault that it makes lovely sausage rolls, it’s not the gym’s fault that it made you hungry and you had to have a pie, and it’s not your husband’s fault that he left a packet of Jammie Dodgers in your path.

Gird your loins and go for it!

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