Dilemma: I'm worried I'm going to lose my best friend

Jo Brand / 28 December 2016

A reader is jealous of her best friend's new romance and worries she will lose her.

Dilemma: I'm jealous of my friend's new life

I’m just divorced and my best friend, who was my anchor throughout and said we could travel together afterwards, has met someone she is going to marry. I find I’m horribly jealous and fear I’m going to lose her.

Jo Brand's advice

I wish life gave solutions as simple as the scenario you were expecting, but it simply doesn’t work like that. If it did, what a perfect transition you could have made from divorcee to free woman, laughing, drinking and selfie-ing round the world with your conveniently single best friend.

You are understandably upset, but spare a thought for your best friend. She carried you through those difficult times and now you want her for a double-act partner till kingdom come. 

Surely a generous mate allows their closest friend the chance to make a relationship for themself? And that equally generous friend does not immediately lose touch for the sake of a man? So…

Be pleased for her and (sorry in advance), if you love her, let her go. Sure, it’s to your disadvantage, but don’t we all want the best for our loved ones and not just for us?

And don’t be pushing him off a cliff at the first opportunity!

Good luck.

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