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Five ways to please a man in bed

Siski Green / 30 August 2019

Sex expert Siski Green shares her tips for what men like in bed. If you’d like to up the ante on how much pleasure you give your partner, read on.

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Men are always being told to spend more time exploring other parts of a woman’s body but the same advice could be given to women – it’s easy to think of him as a walking penis, but in reality, there are lots of other body parts that he’ll enjoy having stimulated. 

Play with his nipples, sucking on them then blowing on them for extra stimulation; explore his chest and abdomen with your hands; squeeze his behind; and caress his skin from top to toe, to make sure all his nerve endings are on fire for your touch.

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Grab his behind

Not only does grabbing his bottom give you more control of his thrusting pattern and speed, it’ll also feel great for him. By grabbing his behind the skin around the anus and below the penis gets pulled, stimulating nerve endings there. 

Feeling his bottom will also give you a clue as to when he’s getting closer to orgasm because he’ll clench his muscles just before climax, allowing you to either keep doing whatever you’re doing so he orgasms or holding off so he lasts longer.

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Add moisture

Whether you’re giving him oral sex, handling his penis, or enjoying penetrative sex lubrication of some kind makes everything feel better. 

For oral sex, try swirling an ice cube around in your mouth before you go down on him (removing it first). This helps stimulate your own oral moisture (aka your spit) and via the coldness, and then the warmth of your mouth, you’ll stimulate more nerve endings in his penis.

For penetrative sex, try using a silicon-based lubrication which will make it easier for him to penetrate you and allow for more sensuous moves.

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Express yourself

He can’t read your mind – tell him when you’re enjoying what he’s doing by using words, “That feels great,” or even simply, “Yes,” is enough to give him the right clues. Ideally, you’ll communicate even more than that – telling him to go slower, faster, further up or down or in a different place altogether. 

Men love instructions especially if they’re given in a loving way because it means they can give you more pleasure. If you can’t use words to communicate, use soft moaning to let him know when something feels good.

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Focus on his head

Not the one on top of his neck, the one at the tip of his penis. This is where most of the nerve endings are and so this is where you need to focus your attention if you’re giving him oral pleasure.

 Use your hand on the shaft of his penis, as you use your mouth on the head, swivelling your tongue and mouth around it and over it to stimulate him fully.

Siski Green is the author of How To Blow His Mind In Bed

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