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Facial exercises

Siski Green / 12 February 2016 ( 07 August 2018 )

Get a firmer jaw, sleeker neck and wider eyes with some simple facial exercises.

Rosy cheeks exercise
Rosy glow exercise: This simple move will increase collagen, elastin and circulation.

With more than 40 muscles, it’s hardly surprising that your face could do with a regular workout and, while smiling and talking will do that to some extent, if you want to beat wrinkles and sagging parts, a facial exercise workout could be just the thing.

We spoke to Danielle Collins, who has been face-training people for years, including some celebrities, and is a certified member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Her face exercises system works by focusing on acupressure points, massage to improve circulation and relaxation and wellbeing, with the overall effect being noticeable immediately after one session. The exercises not only work the muscles and fatty tissue in the skin but also the upper layer.

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The idea is that with these simple facial massages and exercises, your skin has better circulation and with more oxygen, skin cells can repair damage more easily and so collagen and elasticity will be improved too. 

There are 18 exercises in total, and these essential four exercises come from Danielle Collin’s DVD and app (see or The Face Yoga Expert on Facebook for more details). 

The Giraffe exercise

The Giraffe exercise

This facial exercise is intended to tone and lift the neck area, helping to reduce sagging skin there and give you a more streamlined swan-like neck. 

Look straight ahead and place your finger tips on the top of your neck and lightly stroke the skin down as you tilt your head back (not too far that it feels strained or uncomfortable).

Bring your head back down and repeat two more times. Then jut your lower lip out as far as possible, place your fingers on your collarbone and point your chin upwards, pulling the corners of your mouth down. Hold for four deep breaths.

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Rosy cheeks exercise

Rosy glow exercise

This simple face exercise will increase collagen, elastin and circulation, says Collins, which in turn will lead to brighter and smoother cheeks. 

Using two fingers and your thumbs, pinch gently all over your cheeks for 30 seconds. Do this regularly at night, when your body can work to repair cell damage in your skin too. 

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V exercise

The ‘V’ exercise

Make your eyes look wider with this simple facial exercise using your V-for-victory fingers.

Put both a middle finger from each hand between your eyebrows (above and to the side of your nose), with your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes. Look up and move your lower eyelids up, squinting.

Relax and repeat six more times. At the end, squeeze your eyes shut for a count of ten seconds then relax. 

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Jaw toner exercise

Jaw Toner exercise

This helps to release tension in the jaw, says Collins, and will help lift and firm up the flesh not only around the jaw but also the chin. 

With two fingers and your thumbs, pinch up and down the jawline, stopping at your ears. Repeat this three times, then using only your thumbs press smoothly up the jaw line three times. 

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Extra tips to beat wrinkles and sagging skin

• Drink plenty of water before, during and after your exercise.

• Do the exercises wherever you are, lying down, sitting or standing. 

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