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Joan Collins' beauty secrets

Lynnette Peck ( 11 March 2019 )

Over cocktails with Dame Joan at Claridges Hotel in London, we asked her some beauty questions exclusively for Saga readers.

Joan Collins talks about her range of make-up, Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins talks about her range of make-up, Timeless Beauty

Dame Joan Collins, now in her 80s, has been working as an actress since the age of nine and has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, written books and had clothing ranges - but until 2014 she had never put her name to beauty products. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty was launched in March 2014 and the collection, comprising of skincare, cosmetics and a fragrance is now on sale. 

Do you have a set beauty routine every day?

When cleansing in the morning I use my day cream and at night I always thoroughly cleanse to make sure I get every last scrap of make-up off. I follow this by using a balancing toner and then apply a really good night cream. I always apply foundation before going outside to protect my skin and I keep my face out of the sun, plus of course I use an SPF.

What is the one item of make-up you could not go without?


Our tips for luscious lips

Did your love of cosmetics start very young and can you remember the first piece of make-up you owned?

My love of make-up started at a very young age when I would watch my mother and many aunts, who were all very glamorous, apply their make-up. I always wanted to try it myself. The first piece of makeup I owned was mascara.

Were you taught by anyone how to apply make-up?

I was taught by my mother but it was only when I went to Hollywood for my first American film that I learnt how to apply it properly. I was fortunate enough to work with Allan “Whitey” Snyder who also did Marilyn Monroe’s make-up, and that of many other Fox Studio stars - although I was adamant that I would not have a make-up artist and would do my own make-up.

Allan kindly said that he would show me how and I have done my own make-up for everything since.

What inspired you to create your Timeless Beauty range?

I have been very fortunate to learn many beauty secrets from so many great make-up artists and celebrities through the years, so I wanted to share my knowledge with other women. I know how confident great make-up makes me feel. Creating the “Timeless Beauty” range has enabled me to give others that same confidence when wearing make-up.

Do you have a top beauty tip for Saga readers?

Keep your face out of the sun. I was taught it from a friend and have observed it since.

Who is your beauty icon?

Cate Blanchett is absolutely beautiful and one of the few people of today whom I feel is truly glamorous. Victoria Beckham has a particular style, which I really like, and Ava Gardner and Vivien Leigh were extremely beautifully dressed.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is available from, Urban Retreat, QVC and Harrods.

Joan's guide to looking fabulous:

"I learnt the art of make-up from the great Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder. He used to enhance Marilyn Monroe’s eyes by putting a little touch of white powder in the centre of the eyelid above the lashes.

"I always apply powder to fix my foundation in place. At home, I use loose powder, but wherever I go I take my favourite Paparazzi powder-and-lipstick compact from my Timeless Beauty range with me, so I can make sure my skin always looks perfect.

"Before all big events and post-flights, I get a bowl of ice and cotton pads, cool the pads and place them on my eyes, then lie down for five minutes. It reduces puffiness and refreshes the eyes.

"I’ve saved my face by always wearing a hat in the sun. The rest of me is not as good as it should be, because I do go in the sun. I love getting a tan. It means I can wear off-the-shoulder things.

"The Hollywood star Claudette Colbert once said to me: ‘If you find a look that suits you, in your thirties or forties, then stick to it.’ I think it’s good advice."


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