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An evening with Historic Houses – part 3

14 February 2022

For our third conversation we are joined by the director general of Historic Houses and residents of three special houses. They discuss how individually run historic houses and gardens benefit the public and their local communities.


This was an exclusive live event for Saga customers, recorded in January 2022. Experience it again below.

Independent is best

Residents share stories about running their amazing properties and their uniquely ‘independent’ approach to ensuring invaluable buildings and contents survive and stay relevant without draining government or charitable funds.

Allowing these amazing spaces to be connected to the local community is vital. We discuss how the owners engage innovatively and creatively with their communities, providing amenities and jobs while preserving their identity and heritage. How they tackle sustainability issues and resources for education, wellbeing, tourism, while preserving their history and remaining relevant.

About Historic Houses

Nothing tells a nation’s story like its homes. Historic Houses is the country’s largest collection of historic houses and gardens, working on behalf of more than 1,000 important places. They represent, advise and support owners, helping these buildings stay alive and accessible for generations to come.

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