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Poached salmon garnished with lemon wedges, asparagus and dill

02 April 2013

Whole poached salmon makes an excellent healthy fish supper. Plus, watch fishmonger Darren Wrend's video guide to choosing and preparing a whole salmon

Poached salmon garnished with lemon wedges, asparagus tips and dill
Poached salmon garnished with lemon wedges, asparagus tips and dill

Cooking time

15-20 minutes

Cooling time

5-10 minutes




  • 1 skin-on poached salmon fillet (fillet taken from a whole salmon)
  • 6 slices of Extra Special Smoked Salmon
  • 6 thinly sliced halves of lemons
  • 6 sprigs of dill
  • 1 tub of Asda Cream Cheese with Garlic and Herbs
  • 6 asparagus tips (blanched)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 220°C/ Gas mark 7.

2. Create a foil parcel for the salmon (with an opening at the top), then place the salmon parcel in an oven dish or on a tray.

3. Fill the parcel ¾ full with water, add a tablespoon of sea salt and juice from a freshly squeezed lemon.

4. Seal the foil parcel and bake until the salmon is opaque in the centre and starting to flake – about 15 to 25 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon.

5. Remove the salmon from the foil parcel and place the fillet on your chosen presentation dish or chopping board.

6. Gently brush the side of the salmon with water to remove the protein (the white stuff).

7. Allow to cool for five to 10 minutes.

8. Once cooled, place slices of smoked salmon along one side of the fillet.

9. Place small sprigs of dill down the middle of the salmon at a slight angle and top with a wedge of lemon on the centre of the dill.

10. Place a teaspoon of cream cheese to the side of each lemon wedge.

11. Top with blanched asparagus tips for the perfect fish centrepiece.

Fishmonger Darren Wrend demonstrates how to prepare a whole salmon.
Fishmonger Darren Wrend shows how to cook and garnish a whole salmon centrepiece.

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