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Smoked salmon recipe ideas

22 January 2021

Smoked salmon has a lot more uses than topping a bagel. Here we share some of our favourite recipes for smoked salmon, including easy smoked salmon starters and more filling lunch and dinner recipes.

Smoked salmon recipes
Smoked salmon recipes, clockwise from top left: smoked salmon sharing platter, hot-smoked salmon chowder, drop scones with salmon and dill, pea and salmon frittata

There are two main kinds of smoked salmon you’re likely to come across in the shops, hot-smoked salmon and dry-cured smoked salmon.

Dry-cured smoked salmon, usually just referred to as smoked salmon, is what you would typically find vacuum-packed in the supermarket. It has been dry-cured in salt for several days before being smoked at a low temperature. Dry-cured salmon is popular as a starter, canapé, topping a cream cheese bagel or as part of a luxury breakfast.

Hot-smoked salmon is cured in salty water instead of dry salt, and the salmon is smoked at a higher temperature than dry-cured smoked salmon. Hot-smoked salmon is particularly good shredded into salads and soups, such as the chowder recipe below.

Other smoked salmon varieties include a multitude of different flavours, such as oak-smoked, honey-roast smoked and more, so feel free to experiment with what you think might work best and what you have available.

Smoked salmon main meals

Baked leeks and smoked salmon

Baked leeks with smoked salmon

Nathan Outlaw’s dish of baked leeks and smoked salad is very simple to prepare and cook but packed with flavour. Leeks are topped with slices of smoked salmon and smothered in a rich, creamy cheese sauce that’s baked until golden brown.

Recipe: Baked leeks with smoked salmon

Beetroot and smoked salmon salad

Warm roast beetroot, watercress and smoked salmon salad

This is a good winter salad recipe, for when it’s cold out but you’re trying to boost your vegetable intake by eating more salads. You can use ready cooked beetroots to save time, if you like, although you won’t get the depth of flavour you’d get with home roasted beetroot.

Recipe: Warm roast beetroot, watercress and smoked salmon salad

Hot-smoked salmon chowder

Hot-smoked salmon and leek chowder

This thick, creamy chowder uses cauliflower instead of potato to thicken, making it a good option for anyone trying to limit their carbohydrate intake. The hot-smoked salmon is flaked and stirred into the soup at the last minute.

Recipe: Hot-smoked salmon and leek chowder

Smoked salmon and watercress quiche

Smoked salmon and watercress quiche

This easy, creamy quiche is filled with peppery watercress and smoked salmon, making it a delightful lunch or supper. Serve with boiled new potatoes and salad.

Recipe: Smoked salmon and watercress quiche

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Smoked salmon canapés and starters

 Dill drop scones with smoked salmon

Dill drop scones with smoked salmon

These delicate little drop scones from Diana Henry make perfect appetisers, starters or even a light lunch or snack. The scones are topped a horseradish cream made by mixing crème fraiche with creamed horseradish and lemon juice. The drop scones are finished off with some smoked salmon and fresh dill.

Recipe: Dill drop scones with smoked salmon

Smoked salmon sharing platter

Smoked salmon sharing platter with watercress and avocado

This easy buffet dish is extremely quick to assemble, simply mix together the dressing, slice your smoked salmon and vegetables and load up a serving platter for a quick dinner party canapé.

Recipe: Smoked salmon sharing platter

 Herb fritters with smoked salmon

Herb fritters with smoked salmon

These herby fritters have zesty lemon and basil in the fritter batter and are topped with the traditional pairing of salmon and dill.

Recipe: Herb fritters with smoked salmon

 Herb fritters with smoked salmon

Hot-smoked salmon blinis with horseradish cream

Instead of dry-cured salmon these fiery little blinis are topped with hot-smoked salmon and horseradish sauce.

Recipe: Hot-smoked salmon blinis with horseradish cream


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