Hotel vs Villa holidays – which is best for me?

Jenai Laignel / 27 May 2014

If you're planning on booking a holiday, you're likely to be weighing up your options regarding accommodation. You may have become accustomed to staying in a hotel, but maybe now is the time to explore some villa holidays...

Hotel holidays

There are many reasons why people choose to stay in a hotel.

For those who like structure, they are ideal. If you've opted for the all-inclusive option, you'll know that you can get your meals at the same place at the same time every day.

Some like the idea of having a dedicated holiday rep and room service; but for others, hotels can be very limiting.

Villa holidays

Self-catering villas are soaring in popularity in recent years due to the many benefits that come with renting one.

They're not only an extremely cost-effective option, but they have a home-from-home feel and offer a huge amount of flexibility that a hotel can't.

If you book a villa holiday, you can come and go as you please, explore your destination's restaurants at your leisure and cook meals in the villa's fully-equipped kitchen.

Villas are also more private than a hotel – gone are the days of scrambling for sun loungers or sharing a pool with others.

Where to go? 

So where will you choose as your holiday destination?

There are numerous possibilities, but two of the most popular choices at the moment are the Canary Islands and the Greek Islands. Here, you can enjoy the wealth of sights the islands have to offer, with your base being a stunning and spacious villa.