Why do people need a home emergency service?

Once upon a time when you lifted up the bonnet of your car, you could easily find your sparkplugs, get at your headlight bulbs and fill up your radiator. But now? Things are more complicated or you need a special wotsit only available to those in the trade.

The same goes for your home. Windows are super-secure and triple glazed, locks have a multi-point mechanism and even your toilet cistern is clamped shut. Gone are the days it seems of having a fighting chance of fixing things single-handedly.

So what’s classed as a home emergency?

As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless! But one way of looking at it is any sudden situation where action needs be taken immediately to prevent damage (or further damage) to your home or to make sure your home is safe to live in. When you see a puddle of water and realise there must be a leak somewhere, you can mop up – but the water will still keep coming. A plumber’s what you need.

If you happen to know a friendly plumber, they’re probably booked up until Christmas. If you want an emergency plumber, there are pages and pages of them to choose from, all with a hefty call-out charge. Don’t even start to think about what they’ll charge to actually fix it. They’re probably all fine, but how would you know?

Some emergency situations we can help with…

  • unflushable loo
  • you’re locked out
  • blocked drain
  • broken window
  • wasp nest
  • lost roof tiles
Saga Home Emergency customer story
One of our customers went to lock their back door to find the key would not turn. As the gravity of the situation dawned on him, his partner remembered they had Saga Home Emergency with their home insurance. After a quick call to the helpline, a local locksmith was contacted on their behalf and arrived at their home within the hour. The lock mechanism had broken as the door hinges had dropped. Both issues were fixed swiftly and before long the locksmith was on his way and the customers could get on with their day. They were really relieved to have got things sorted out so quickly and easily – and also very happy they didn’t have to spend £150 on an emergency locksmith as they’d done when the front door lock failed a couple of years before.

I’ve got home insurance, why do I need Saga Home Emergency?

With Saga Home Emergency, someone will quickly come out to you to stop your domestic disaster in its tracks. For example, if a pipe bursts, an emergency plumber will come to stop the leak.

If that leak caused any damage before it was fixed, like ruining a carpet, that's when you'd call Saga Home Insurance to claim under your contents insurance to have the carpet cleaned or replaced. Basically, these two types of insurance can work together, but they also work independently too.

Why choose Saga Home Emergency?

You can add Saga Home Emergency to your home insurance policy when you first get your quote and it costs just £39.99. You can even add it at any point during your policy year and you’d be charged on a pro rata basis.

You get unlimited call-outs, and you’re covered for up to £2,000 for fees, parts, labour and VAT each time someone comes to help you – and it goes direct to them, so you don’t have to pay out first. And, of course, the emergency helpline is available 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

30% of our current Saga Home Insurance customers saw what great value and how invaluable Saga Home Emergency cover is and have added it to their policy.


Get a quote for Saga Home Insurance with the reassurance of added cover for home emergencies.

What isn't covered by Saga Home Emergency?

Our home emergency cover is only for unforeseen failures and problems, so we can't cover maintenance issues or known problems.

In addition, home emergency cover can’t help you with:

  • An emergency that happens due to something that you were aware of before (or within 14 days of) the start of your policy
  • Problems relating to a roof, plumbing, drainage, water supply pipes, electrics, doors or windows, if these are shared with other households
  • Problems relating to thatched, glass, plastic, felt, tarpaulin or flat roofs.

Good to know

  • Saga Home Emergency claims do not affect your home insurance renewal premium or the cost of your next year’s Saga Home Emergency policy.
  • No excess to pay.
  • Saga’s Home Emergency cover is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA and provided by AXA Assistance.
  • You can track your claim, contact the engineer, and accept and rearrange appointments from your smartphone using AXA’s online Home Manager tool.
  • If it’s not safe for you to stay at home, you can claim back up to three nights’ accommodation (up to £150 a night) while the work is carried out.


Saga Home Emergency also has a heating and boiler support option. Saga Home and Heating Emergency includes all the features of Saga Home Emergency and covers you for boiler breakdowns too for £69.99.

With Saga Home and Heating Emergency, if your heating stops working or you have no hot water, an engineer will come out and get it working again. We’ll even give you £250 towards a new boiler if yours can’t be repaired.

If you’ve got Saga Home Emergency already, you can also upgrade to the higher level to include heating and boiler cover during your policy.

You can also request a boiler service with either type of home emergency cover as an optional extra.

Want to add Saga Home Emergency to your home insurance with us?

Anyone who has used our home emergency service realises how much cheaper it is than paying an emergency call-out fee to a glazier, plumber or electrician. And there’s someone else to arrange it all for you too.

Saga Home Emergency Insurance is provided by Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch, part of the AXA group.

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