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Home Emergency Cover

Be ready for anything, any time with 24/7 home emergency cover
Defaqto 5 star rated

Home emergency cover with unlimited callouts and up to £2,000 per incident

What can you do when you’ve got sudden problems at home and need them fixing quickly? Emergency home cover insurance can help make it easier to deal with the unexpected, such as blocked drains, burst pipes or complete power failure.

What is home emergency cover?

Home emergency insurance protects you against damage to your home caused by something happening suddenly and unexpectedly.

If you have an emergency in your home and you need to act to prevent further damage, home insurance with emergency cover can help to make your home safe, secure and habitable again.

The following situations are examples of emergencies that would be covered:

  • One or more toilets in your home won’t flush
  • There is a totally blocked drain within the boundary of your property
  • The kitchen sink is blocked and unusable
  • A water pipe suddenly starts leaking uncontrollably and there’s nothing you can do to stop it
  • You lose all power to your home
  • There’s a wasps’ nest inside or attached to your home.

Saga’s 24/7 home emergency cover pays for the cost of an approved tradesperson callout to your home to address the immediate problem. Emergency cover is available as an add-on to your main home insurance policy only.

You can add Saga Home Emergency to your policy at any time by calling 0800 056 9102.

What’s covered by home emergency insurance?

Saga Home Emergency offers unlimited call outs each year and up to £2,000 per incident. Your home is covered for a range of emergencies relating to the following:

  • Plumbing and drains, for instance if you have a blocked drain or a burst pipe
  • Electrical, if there is a partial or complete failure of internal electrics
  • Pest infestation, such as the removal of wasp or hornet nests and mice or rats
  • Security (i.e. glazing and locks) if you have a smashed window that's causing a security risk or you've lost your keys and are locked out of your home.

Cover includes an emergency 24/7 helpline, call out charges, and emergency home repairs carried out by approved tradespeople. It will also pay for up to three nights alternative accommodation in your local area if your home is uninhabitable when it’s being repaired.

Saga offer a choice of Home Emergency or Home and Heating Emergency cover levels:

  • Home Emergency - cover for a range of home emergencies relating to gas and electricity supply, water supply pipes, plumbing and drains.
  • Home and Heating Emergency - all of the above, plus cover for a sudden and complete breakdown of the boiler, or the main heating or hot water system, or if there's a leak from a hot water pipe or radiator.
Cover and benefits Home Emergency Home and Heating Emergency
Call outs allowed each year Unlimited Unlimited
Water supply pipes Yes Yes
Drainage and internal plumbing Yes Yes
Roof damage Yes Yes
Pest infestation Yes Yes
Security (i.e. glazing and locks) Yes Yes
Overnight accommodation each year 3 nights 3 nights
Partial or complete electrical failure Yes Yes
Complete boiler breakdown No Yes
Annual boiler service Optional Optional

Saga Home Emergency Insurance is provided by Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch, part of the AXA group.

You can add Saga Home Emergency to your policy at any time by calling 0800 056 9102.

What isn’t covered by home emergency cover?

Our home emergency cover is only for unforeseen failures and problems, so we can't cover maintenance issues or problems that worsen gradually over time.

The following situations would not be covered as an emergency:

  • A leak from the roof that has been happening for some time or isn’t unexpected
  • Your toilet takes several attempts to flush
  • If an appliance is faulty or not working properly
  • Your boiler is making an unusual noise but is still working.

In addition, home emergency cover can’t help you with the following:

  • An emergency that happens due to something that you were aware of before (or within 14 days of) the start of your policy
  • Problems relating to a roof, plumbing, drainage, water supply pipes, electrics, doors or windows, if these are shared (e.g. If you live in a flat)
  • Problems relating to thatched, glass, plastic, felt, tarpaulin or flat roofs.

Do you need home emergency cover?

Home emergency cover is an optional add-on to your home insurance, and there’s no obligation or legal requirement to take it out with your home insurance policy.

Whether you decide to add home emergency cover to your policy depends on whether you want to be covered for any unexpected and urgent issues that might affect your home.

The best home emergency cover puts your mind at ease and guards against any sudden disruption and inconvenience, so if you want to be confident you can handle whatever issues your house might offer, home emergency insurance could be a good option for you.

You can add Saga Home Emergency to your policy at any time by calling 0800 056 9102.