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Dating in later life – the facts

Find out what you can expect if you’re considering online dating over 50 – the good, the bad and the downright beautiful.

Mature couple messing about with a hat
Dating over 50 might have some complications, but there will also be lots of great benefits

1. Your matches will probably have been married before

You are who you are because of everything you’ve seen, done and endured and that could well mean one or two failed marriages. Don’t let your past relationships  – however they turned out – put you off starting afresh with someone new. You change every day as you grow, and the new you is just as worthy of love as the old one.

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2. Your date might have lost a partner

With a bit more age comes a lot more baggage but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you or your date has been widowed  it can be hard to navigate a new relationship, but time can, if nothing else, make us patient. We know that life’s losses can make us stronger and even more willing to let love in. See your losses as each other’s gain and go forward into happiness.

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3. You might not be as confident with your body

We all change over time, but while our minds expand and our views on life can make us ooze inner beauty, the physical changes were undergo might not make us smile in the same way. The important thing to remember if you’re looking to get into a relationship with someone new is that we all have flaws. Go forward with confidence knowing you’re nothing but a tiger who’s earned your stripes.

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4. You and your date might have children from other relationships

It can be difficult knowing how to introduce a new partner to our children or loved ones when we’ve been divorced or widowed. Don’t let your former life interrupt your new one – the decision to move on and date again should be yours and yours alone. Hopefully any children will be supportive of the fact that you’re happy again in a new relationship.

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5. Your combined experience will mean you’ll both have some stories

You’ve lived and loved before, done some amazing things and learned a whole lot of lessons along the way, and so has your new love interest. Dating in your 50s means you have endless stories with which to enchant someone new – and vice versa. But more than that, you are accomplished packages in your own right.

6. It could be all about the fun

And we don’t mean this in a bad way. Dating for ‘fun’ in your younger years can lead to miscommunication and heartbreak. When you reach your 50s, however, you and your prospective love interests might be totally unopposed to just having fun. Why not enjoy life with someone who wants to have fun, too?

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