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Security gadgets to keep your money safe on holiday

19 August 2016 ( 10 March 2020 )

From anti-skimming wallets and personal safes to theft-proof bags, we look at the simple gadgets designed to protect your money when you travel.

Silver TrackR attached to keys

It only takes a brief lapse of concentration to mislay cards and cash on holiday, or, even worse, to succumb to local thieves.

What’s more, complex technology like card skimming means criminals have increasingly cunning ways to relieve you of your personal details and spend your hard-earned money.

It’s important to stay vigilant, and thankfully there are plenty of clever gadgets that can protect your money, leaving you to get on with enjoying your holiday.

Stop card skimmers - Koruma RFID Stop Wallet

Skimming is a form of fraud where information on your bank card’s electronic strip – and even the biometric chip in your passport – is stolen using a discreet device.

Koruma’s extensive wallet range features clever RFID blocking technology to protect your plastic from skimming.

There are multiple designs for men and women, from smart premium leather with multiple compartments for cash, cards, memory sticks and more, to compact, fashionable purses and travel organisers. Stylish and secure? You bet.

Track down your wallet - TrackR

There’s no greater panic than losing your wallet or purse on holiday, but with TrackR’s neat Bluetooth locator you can worry no more.

Whatever you use to carry your cash and cards, slip the slim device inside and forget about it. You can also fix TrackRs to your bag, hire car keys or other valuables.

Then, if the worst happens and you mislay the item, the TrackR smartphone app (iOS and Android) conveniently displays the item’s location on a map, guiding you to it.

And if you lose your phone in your hotel room? Tap your TrackR and your phone will ring, revealing itself.

The portable safe - Pacsafe Travelsafe

The lightweight, portable, water resistant Travelsafe is a godsend if your room or cabin lacks its own secure storage. 

Valuable items such as cash and cards, your tablet, camera and passports are protected within the bag, which is comprised of tamper-proof stainless steel wire mesh, polyester lining and padded foam. 

The safe can then attach securely to a fixture in your room, or even a sun lounger by the pool, using the supplied, Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved combination lock.

Five or 12-litre capacities are available, depending on your security needs.

The clever rucksack - RiutBag

It’s not technically a gadget, but this stylish 12-litre rucksack has a clever security feature that makes it practically impossible for would-be thieves to get their hands on your personal belongings.

All zips are located on the reverse of the bag and hidden against your back. This means nothing can fall out, and the contents can’t easily be accessed by wandering hands; giving you peace of mind, particularly if you’re exploring crowded areas or traveling on busy public transport.

The RiutBag is comfortable for all-day adventures and available in bright colours, too, so you’re unlikely to lose it.

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