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Money news

We've been serving the personal finance needs of the over 50s for more than 20 years and we'd love to help you explore managing your money.

Saga’s Money News brings you all the latest tips, insight and guidance into helping your money work as hard – and stretch as far – as possible, whether you’re planning to leave the world of work or already using your pension.

With articles tailored exclusively for the needs of our Saga audience, you’ll find regular and helpful insights on everything from avoiding the latest scams, smart saving strategies and ways to stay ahead of the latest mortgage, tax and life-planning trends.

A man is installing solar panels on a roof

4 ways to future-proof your home and cut energy bills

Spending a little now could spare your wallet (and the environment).
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A shopkeeper is holding out a card reader and another person is tapping their card on the card reader

How much cash do you still need to take abroad?

Digital payments are on the rise, but cash is still key in many places.
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A person is holding four new bank notes with King Charles' face on it - a £50, £20, £10 and a £5 note

Move quickly if you want the new King Charles banknote

Exchange up to £300 by 30 June this year.

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Panoramic view Electric power transmission lines in the evening. High voltage switchgear and equipment of power plant.

How to switch energy provider

What to do if you think you can save money on your energy.
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Pound coins stacked up next to a calculator

The new ISA rules: what they mean for you

What you can do with ISAs has changed to make your life a little easier.
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A staggered view of three classic cars
Latest car-parking scam: don’t get caught off-guard

Reports of a scam involving fake QR codes stuck on parking machines are still hitting the headlines, but how widespread is it - and how can you avoid falling foul?

A man at a cash machine holding his head
How to spot a cash machine scam

No-one wants to get caught out when taking cash from an ATM – we show you how to spot and avoid cash machine scams.