Personalise your cover

You can personalise your Saga Targeted Healthcare cover with options available to reduce your premium.

Variable excess

All Saga Targeted Healthcare plans have a minimum of £100 excess, with the option to lower your premium by increasing this up to £1,000. This is the amount you agree to pay towards the cost of treating each person per year, no matter how many claims are made. This differs from most other kinds of insurance, where the excess applies to every individual claim.

Fast Track Appointments Service

Our Fast Track Appointments Service aims to get you quick access to a specialist to help determine what’s wrong as soon as possible, so taking away some of the worry and wait. Using the Fast Track Appointments Service is straightforward. When your GP says you need to see a specialist, ask for an open referral – this states the type of specialist you need, rather than naming a particular one. Our dedicated claims team can then find you the most appropriate specialist to treat your condition and arrange your appointments at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Fixed Fast Track

You can reduce your premium by choosing Fixed Fast Track, meaning that you agree to use the Fast Track Appointments service for all your claims. With Fixed Fast Track, simply ask your GP for an open referral before contacting us and we will find a specialist and hospital for you.

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