Saga Health Insurance Price Guarantee

Save at least 10% on cover for new conditions when you move to Saga 

We’re certain that you’ll get a much better price from us for a similar level of cover. If our quote isn’t at least 10% cheaper than what you’re currently paying, we’ll reduce it so that it is! Just take out a year’s comparable cover for new conditions with Saga Health Insurance before 1 October 2019.

What do I need to do?

Call us on 0800 096 4557, saying you’d like a price guarantee quote – with your current paperwork to hand. We’ll use your policy details to create a quote for similar cover. Our quote could be lower than what you’ve paid anyway – if not, we guarantee to cut the price to make it at least 10% cheaper than your existing premium.

If you prefer, get a quote online quote so you can get an idea of cost and how much you'd save - and then give us a call.

Terms and conditions

  • This offer is only available if you are a new customer and it's just for your first year of cover
  • You can't carry over cover for pre-existing conditions you might have acquired with your previous provider. Our price guarantee is only for policies with cover for new conditions, which is also known as moratorium and full medical underwriting
  • You can only buy the discounted policy by calling the Saga Health Insurance team
  • The price we reduce by 10% must be for a 12-month private health insurance policy with a similar standard of cover. For example, you can't get our top policy for 10% less than you're paying for a policy that has lower levels of cover
  • The price we cut by 10% must be the premium from your current provider, without any special offers or discounts they may be running
  • If your policy is due for renewal in the 30 days after you contact us, we will base the price guarantee on your renewal quote instead of the price of your existing policy
  • We might ask you to send us a copy of your insurance documents to confirm the price and the type of cover you have. They must be dated earlier than the quote we give you. If you don't send them within 30 days of our request, you'll have to pay back the discount
  • If we think, after looking at your documents, that the cover you had and the cover we gave you are not comparable, you'll have to pay back the discount. We'll let you know about this decision within 14 days of receiving your documents
  • We can change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time
  • Our decisions are final regarding all aspects of this offer and they cannot be disputed
  • The offer ends at 11.59pm on 30 September 2019.