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Ruth Hinks' Raspberry Crémeux & Red Glaze

Ruth Hinks

01 May 2020

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Raspberry Crémeux


85g  Whipping cream
20g  Honey
20g  Glucose
120g  Raspberry puree
160g  Dark chocolate (54%)
80g  Cold whipping cream


1. Bring to the boil the whipping cream (85g), honey, glucose and raspberry puree.
2. Pour the mixture into the chocolate to make an emulsion.
3. Add the remaining cold cream (80g) and blend with a hand blender.
4. Pour mixture into your moulds and freeze.

Crunchy Base


75g  Cornflakes
80g  White Chocolate
8g  Vegetable oil
Tbs  Freeze dried raspberries (optional)
Tbs  Chopped pistachio nuts (optional)


1. Place chocolate and oil together in a plastic bowl.
2. In a microwave (low power), melt together chocolate and oil stirring regularly.
3. Mix in the cornflakes.
4. Push mixture into small cake cutters and set in fridge.

Red Glaze


700g  White Chocolate
100g  Glucose
250g  Milk
12g  Gelatine leaves (bronze)
Red Colouring


1. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water to soften.
2. Bring the glucose and milk to the boil.
3. Squeeze out excess water from the gelatine and dissolve in the hot milk.
4. Pour onto the white chocolate and allow to melt.
5. Add the colouring and mix well with a hand blender.


Watch the video below for instructions.

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