Saga Bridge Club

Saga Bridge Club Update

It’s a year since we started the Saga Bridge Club, and during that time we’ve had the pleasure of hosting hundreds of players at our virtual tables in almost 200 live playing sessions. Many players have told us how much they’ve appreciated being part of the Club, particularly during lockdown. And we have enjoyed organising every session.

But with the worst of the pandemic now hopefully behind us, many players have now gone back to playing in person at their local clubs, and demand for our online games has reduced. Unfortunately, some recent sessions have operated with low numbers and this can make it difficult for us to offer the best possible playing experience.

Therefore, we’ve taken the decision to bring the Saga Bridge Club to a close. The final session will be on 27 March. You can find details of all the remaining below. We understand that this will be disappointing news for many, but we’d like to thank everyone who’s played with us over the past year, and look forward to bringing you more Saga online events in future.

Please do join us for one of the remaining games; we’d love to see you there.

The Saga Team