6 genius airport hacks to avoid stressful travel

Jenai Laignel / 09 November 2016

There's nothing more exciting than the anticipation of heading off on that trip of a lifetime. But sometimes getting to the destination of your dreams can feel like more hassle than it's worth.

If you find yourself dreading the airport experience more than most, why not take a peek at our top six airport hacks for a hassle-free trip and tackle your travelling like a pro:

1. Pre-book airport parking

If the idea of missing your flight brings you out in a cold sweat, minimise the stress of finding a place to park by pre-booking the airport parking space you need. Not only can you show up safe in the knowledge your space will be waiting, but you can rest assured your vehicle will be safe whilst you are away. You can even save money booking in advance too.


2. Book an airport lounge

Airports can be hectic places and dealing with crowds whilst carting around your hand-luggage can put even the most seasoned traveller into a black mood. An airport lounge offers a calming oasis amidst the chaos where you are guaranteed a comfortable seat and can enjoy a few complimentary drinks and snacks to kick off your trip in style.

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3. Bring your own zip-lock bag

Instead of frantically trying to locate all the liquids in your luggage under the disapproving glare of security, pack them neatly into a clear, plastic bag in advance. Remember that no individual product can contain more than 100ml of liquid and that your bag must be sealed. Alternatively, you can buy clear, cabin-approved liquids wash-bags – frequent fliers may want to treat themselves.


4. Pack an empty water bottle

It's a fact of life that everything costs more at the airport, but water is one thing you can't scrimp on for a comfortable flight. Get round the 100ml liquids rule by packing an empty bottle into your luggage. That way, after you've passed through security, you can fill it up at a water fountain or bar and stay happily hydrated without parting with any more pennies.


5. Ear-mark your case

If your suitcase looks a little nondescript, make it easier to spot by adding an eye-catching luggage tag or other piece of decoration. Not only will this mean less fumbling around at the carousel trying to identify your baggage, it will also prevent an absent-minded fellow traveller mistaking your case for their own and carting your possessions off on their holiday.

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6. Investigate sleeping options

A long wait in an airport at night can be extra taxing for travellers. Not only are you tired and perhaps a bit jet-lagged from a previous flight if you are transferring, but many shops and other forms of airport entertainment may well have closed for the night.

Instead of fighting sleep or trying to kip on uncomfortable seating, see if the airport has any sleeping pods or an adjoining airport hotel that you can book for a few hours kip (and maybe a shower). Saga can even help you out with this. You'll feel all the better for it.

Follow these airport hacks whenever you fly and you might find that getting from A to B isn't so bad after all.

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