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The Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers and Si King at Saga Possibilities An Audience With the Hairy Bikers

What’s cooking with the Hairy Bikers?

An Audience With the Hairy Bikers

In the 107 years since the Royal Geographical Society moved into its current home in London, the majestic Grade II listed Victorian building situated in elegant Kensington has welcomed many illustrious people through its doors. However, this is the first time it’s been host to a talk from the one of Britain’s most cherished cooking duos, the Hairy Bikers, otherwise known as Dave Myers and Si King.

The two are due to give an exclusive one-off interview to One Show presenter (and winner of Celebrity MasterChef 2017) Angellica Bell, in front of hundreds of lucky Saga customers and their guests – many of whom won the chance to be here in a prize draw. We’ve travelled nationwide just to be part of 'An Audience With the Hairy Bikers', and it’s been well worth the journey.

Thank you for making this possible for myself and my wife. We were entertained by Si and Dave for nearly two hours with their infectious humour. We had a super time, so once again a big thank you.

- David Raymond Pullen
Si King and Dave Myers were on top form for 'An Audience With the Hairy Bikers'. And before their interview with Angellica Bell, they hosted a VIP meet and greet.

Those of us who were lucky enough to have also won the opportunity for a VIP experience, arrive at the glass-fronted pavilion of the Royal Geographical Society slightly earlier than the others. We’re about to meet Dave and Si face to face.

There’s a convivial, excited atmosphere as we’re greeted from the cold and ushered through winding, wooden-floored corridors towards a welcome glass of bubbly. Dave and Si themselves mingle with the crowd, making sure everyone who wants one gets a selfie and a friendly word, and stopping to chat here and there.

The meet-and-greet is elevated further by the frequent appearance of some of the Hairy Bikers' most well-loved recipes in canapé form, and we’re all in an excellent mood as we’re guided back through the corridors towards the auditorium.

"It was a terrific evening, my guest and I both had a brilliant time. It was lovely to have the opportunity to meet both Dave and Si and to chat to them in person." - John Clark

Here, the stage has three leather chairs ready for Dave, Si and their interviewer Angellica Bell, surrounded by glass vases filled with colourful oranges, lemons and limes to set the scene. Angellica asks insightful questions and nudges the two jovial chefs towards a series of amusing anecdotes – not that they need much encouragement!

We learn the story of their first meeting – in the lunch queue on a television shoot, and the winding paths their careers took to bring them to this point (Dave was a prosthetics and make-up artist, Si a location manager in the film industry). The partnership and friendship between the two is easy and comfortable, with each knowing when to let the other talk and when to interrupt and finish the joke for the perfect punchline.

The Q&A session at the end goes well, lasting for more than twenty minutes, with interesting questions posed by Saga customers throughout the crowd. At one point someone asks if Dave remembers drinking in his local with the audience member’s brother-in-law, and laughter erupts when Dave excitedly confirms that he does remember. When it all draws to a close and the applause has faded away, we file out. On our exit, we’re presented with a memento of the evening – a wooden spoon with the Saga logo, a sweet addition to the kitchen utensil drawer!

A wonderful, well organised evening. Angelica Bell was the perfect host and complimented Dave and Si so well. Timing was excellent, so was the venue. The informality was just right.

- David Clark