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Thursday 16 February 2012

Don't throw a benny if you don't have an iPhone, you can still enjoy our proper bo Woteva app with this selection of teen slang translations

WotevaA lot of you wanted to experience our Woteva app but did not have an iPhone so we have compiled a selection of some of our favourite words for you. Don't forget, if you do have an iPhone you can download Wotever completely free by clicking here, or by using the QR code below.

A couple few - More than a few, could be as many as quite a lot but not so many as loads.

Act - As a verb, acting in an irresponsible manner, probably under the influence of alcohol. "Man, was he actin' last night or what?"

Benny - A tantrum, i.e. to throw a 'benny'.

Crepes - Soft soled shoes such as training shoes, as one might wear to ease corn pressure.

Dungeon tan - The pallid complexion of someone who spends too much time in the bedroom playing computer games.

Estrogenda - The methods and tactics a girl employs to get her boy to do what she wants him to do.

Gazzling - Staring intently.

ICBW - Acronym for: It could be worse. Really it could. Could have been: ICBW innit?

Jog on - Just walk away and keep going. More polite than some of the alternatives.

Kotch - To relax, chill out, a bit of solo chillin’.

Look pon dat ting - Something is worthy of note, have you seen it?

Meatox - To stop eating meat for a while.

Nerdjacking - To nerdjack the conversation is to suddenly go into lots of unnecessary technical detail, inappropriate for the knowledge and interest of the listener.

OHN - Acronym: Oh Hell No! When something is just too shocking to be true.

Off the page - Someone or something with unique qualities that cannot be categorised.

Page clicker - An e-book that is so exciting that you just can't put it down – err – I mean, stop clicking the pages.

Perfectionist paralysis - Delaying starting a project because of a fear that you will not be able to complete it perfectly.

Propa bo - When something is really good, and works perfectly.

Rents - How teens refer to their parents. The fact that the word also suggests a never-ending dripping away of cash for no return of substance is purely coincidental.

Scrilla - Money.

Sick - Showing of appreciation, to like something. Reflecting modern teens’ love of extreme over-reaction. Example: "Gurl, that head-to-toe tartan outfit is sick".

Suss - Something that looks suspicious. "I don't know what's going on, but something looks well suss – when was the last time you saw Billy pay for 'is own drinks?"

Tic- Can mean attractive when applied to people of either sex, or to a concept, merely meaning cool. "Dat plan is tic, man."

Towel tango - The dance performed when changing under cover of a towel. Often seen on beaches.

TTYN - Acronym: Talk To You Never. Oh such venom spat with the sweetest smile.

Twitter bang - Hooking up with someone you have never spoken more than 140 characters to.

Woteva QR codeUgly cry - The kind of crying when complete control is lost. Not good to see, but can be cathartic for the cryee.

Vexacious - Something that makes others annoyed. "Weekend homework is just so vexacious."

Wagwaan - What's going on old chap? Anything of interest?

Yammer - To go on and on about nothing in particular, to yammer away.

Download Woteva by clicking here or by pointing your iPhone at the QR code to the right. It's completely free so you can save your scrilla.


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  • Philippa

    Posted: Sunday 28 July 2013

    I'm a teenager, and I'm unsure if this article is meant to be satirical. If not, some of these need to be removed as they are NOT teenage slang!


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