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Healthy breakfast recipes

22 December 2014

For healthy breakfast ideas, take a look at our selection of delicious recipes that will keep you full up until lunchtime.

Strawberry smoothie
A strawberry breakfast smoothie tastes delicious and keeps the hunger away

A healthy breakfast should keep you full until your next meal so you avoid snacking, and provide a healthy balance of protein, good fats and carbohydrates.

To find out more, read Judith Wills' guide to choosing the best healthy breakfast.

Although many of these breakfast recipes do require preparation and cooking time there are lots of ways to save yourself time in the morning.

Some, like the baked apple oatmeal, can be entirely prepared the night before and just cooked in the oven in the morning. With others, you can do most the chopping beforehand. If you make your own breakfasts a lot it would probably be worth keeping a stash of pre-chopped dried fuit and nuts to hand to make preparing breakfast quicker in the morning.

Apple Bircher muesli

Muesli has long been a classic healthy breakfast. In fact, it was originally created as a meal for hospital patients. Some shop bought brands come covered in sugar but a good, healthy muesli should get its sweetness from the fruit - both fresh and dried are good. This recipe uses sweet, crispy Pink Lady apples.

Apple Bircher muesli recipe

Baked apple oatmeal

This baked apple oatmeal can be prepared the night before - simply divide the mixture into individual ovenproof ramekins and store in the fridge until you need them. This oatmeal uses grated apple for a sweetness that you can taste throughout the mixture.

Baked apple oatmeal recipe

Chilled quinoa porridge with apples, pears and almonds

Quinoa is a superfood that's high in protein and gluten free. If you find you have leftover quinoa from a savoury dish you can easily turn it into a healthy breakfast with yoghurt, fruit and nuts.

Chilled quinoa porridge recipe

Strawberry boost breakfast smoothie

This strawberry smoothie uses oats and ground almonds to create a nutritious healthy breakfast smoothie. The longer you leave the oats to soak the thicker it will become so if you prepare it overnight you may want to water it down with milk or yoghurt the next morning.

Strawberry breakfast smoothie recipe

Date and walnut porridge

Dates are widely used as an alternative to refined sugar. You can chop them finely if you would prefer to avoid their texture, or chop them into larger chunks if you enjoy it.

Date and walnut porridge recipe


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