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Seven fabulous new fitness trends

Jane Murphy / 11 January 2016

From ballet to bouncing on a trampoline – try something new in 2016 and put the fun back into getting fit.

Woman exercising in a dance studio
Barre-based fitness classes for adults have been soaring in popularity over recent years.

1. Dig out your ballet shoes

Haven't been to a ballet class since childhood? It's time to rediscover your inner ballerina. Barre-based fitness classes for adults have been soaring in popularity over recent years, offering a low-impact, high-intensity workout to boost all-over strength and toning. And by perfecting your deep stretching exercises, you'll also improve your posture, maintain mobility and reduce risk of injury. Find a class near you at Or try a beginners' barre workout online at

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2. Get fit with your dog

OK, taking Rover for a walk is nothing new: one 2009 study found the average dog-owner gets more heart-boosting daily exercise than many gym-goers.

However, 2016 could be the year to up the tempo by introducing other exercises to your daily walk. Video social network Eva has just introduced the #PetFit initiative – a human-and-pet bootcamp on London's Clapham Common, incorporating moves such as ball-throwing, shuttle runs and tug-of-war.

Want to perfect your throwing technique? Personal trainer Helen Livingstone explains: 'Place your non-throwing arm out in front of you with your hand at eye level. Place your throwing arm behind you at shoulder height with a 90-degree bend at the elbow and shoulder joint. Keep your legs slightly apart and position your front foot forward. As you throw, keep the throwing elbow high and rotate through the body. This will work all your core muscles, not just the upper body.'

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3. Embrace the latest wearable technology

Fitness and activity trackers are set to be 2016's top exercise trend, according to an American College of Sports Medicine report. And the very latest high-tech gadgets do so much more besides time your workout and count your steps.

The iFit Classic smartwatch, for example, acts like a 24/7 personal trainer on your wrist – tracking distances covered and calories burned, reminding you when to move and even monitoring your sleep quality. Using the latest technology in this way enables you to set yourself goals and keep better track of your fitness progress and overall health.

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4. Get bouncing!

Rebounding is a low-impact, weight-bearing workout that's also lots of fun – hence its growing popularity in the UK. The exercises are done on a small circular trampoline. But rather than risk hitting your head on the ceiling, the emphasis here is on the downward push, so you'll jump no higher than six inches.

The constant change in gravitational pressure provides an excellent full-body tone-up. Find your nearest rebounding at

5. Get ready for In-Trinity

Never heard of it? That's probably because this brand new workout isn't set to launch in the UK until spring.

Invented by Johnny G, the fitness guru who first brought us Spinning classes, the In-Trinity Board is an elevated training platform that helps builds strength, flexibility and better balance. The board is set at a slight angle, which makes the workout more challenging.

Classes combine yoga, Pilates and martial arts moves, and can be adapted for all ages and fitness levels. Intrigued? Find out more at

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6. Push yourself for a good cause

Entering a charity event is one of the best ways to stay motivated and boost your fitness. If you've taken part in these events before, why not challenge yourself by increasing the distance, picking up the pace or trying something a tiny bit different?

Cancer Research UK's Race For Life is a series of women-only, non-competitive events – ranging from 5k to a full marathon.

You can also sign up for one of the ever-growing list of 5k or 10k Pretty Muddy events – a muddy obstacle course that's actually a lot more fun than it sounds, honestly! Find out more at

7. Take a class in your living room

Going to a class can bring a much-needed social element to your workout – but if you're pushed for time or just need more flexibility about when and where you exercise, the solution could be to try one of the ever-expanding menu of online classes. For instance, Yoogaia ( has a huge selection of pre-recorded yoga and Pilates classes that allow you to train via your tablet, laptop or mobile phone. And as we've already mentioned above, there are great ballet workouts ( available online, too.

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