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Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

Vitamin B2 keeps skin, hair and nails healthy and also for maintaining good eyesight

Bowl of breakfast cereal
Breakfast cereal is a good source of vitamin B2

RDA is 1.6 mg

It is destroyed by sunlight, so keep fresh food in the dark.

Where do you get vitamin B2?

It is found in many foods, including liver, cheese, eggs, breakfast cereals, milk and green vegetables.


Vitamin B2 is essential for releasing energy from all food. It keeps hair, skin and nails healthy and helps maintain good eyesight.

You may need more vitamin B2 in the following circumstances: - when taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if you smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol, if you are under stress or if you are on a milk-free or low calorie diet.

Too much vitamin B2

Normal doses are unlikely to have any toxic effects but your urine may turn yellow. High doses cause other B vitamins to be lost from the body via the urine.

Too little vitamin B2

Symptoms of minor deficiency of vitamin B2 include tired eyes, mouth ulcers, cracks in the corner of the mouth, inflamed tongue and lips and difficulty sleeping.

Vitamin B2 supplements

Supplements should be as a combination of a vitamin B complex plus vitamin C.

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