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Avoid the wrinkles that aren't down to ageing

Siski Green / 26 January 2017 ( 12 March 2019 )

City air, the wrong moisturiser and even eating too many biscuits can all give you extra wrinkles.

An older lady looks after her skin and avoids wrinkles by applying sun tan lotion

Are you unknowingly making these wrinkle-causing mistakes?

You eat wrinkle-making food

Yes, you read that right - some foods give you wrinkles! 

Sugar is your enemy when it comes to youthful-looking skin because it actually weakens the collagen within your skin, making it more wrinkle-prone and less elastic too. 

Even if you don’t treat yourself to much sugary sweetness, carbohydrates such as white pasta, rice and bread will have a similar effect since they also bind to the collagen and elastin that help keep skin looking youthful. So swap your white carbs for wholegrain and try to avoid sugar altogether.

You like to party hard

Enjoying life will give you some nice laughter lines but overdoing it will give you more wrinkles than you’d like. 

Regular sleep is essential if you want your skin cells to have a chance to regenerate and refresh overnight.

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Your moisturiser only moisturises

There are plenty of women who rely on moisturisers such as coconut oil or even Vaseline to keep their skin youthful and supple. 

But while these kinds of moisturisers might work really well to put moisture into the skin and even keep it there, they aren’t protecting your skin from the biggest cause of wrinkles – the sun. And this isn’t simply about slapping on sun lotion when you’re on holiday or the golf course, this is something you must incorporate into your daily routine. 

“I use a cream with a minimum factor of 15 every day,” says make-up artist Emma White-Turle. She recommends either Nivea’s Cellular Anti-Age Facial Day Care (£14.99 for 50ml) or if you’re willing to spend more on your skin, Chanel’s Sublimate LA Protection UV (£245 for 50ml).

You’re highly strung

Stress produces cortisol which has been shown to increase inflammation – that in turn makes wrinkles more likely. 

Add to that the fact that when you’re stressed you’re more likely to pull a frown or concentrated facial expression, and you can see why stressed out people might end up with deeper wrinkles than others.

You’re a regular in the city

Cities such as London have extremely high pollution levels (the city was at its legal limits for polluted air within the first five days of 2017, according to air quality reports) and according to research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, that could mean more skin damage in the form of age spots and wrinkles for you. 

Of course, if you live in the city it’s difficult to avoid but thankfully you can remove particular matter, the tiny molecules that make up pollution in the air, by cleansing thoroughly when you get home. 

Using a cream that helps build up your skin’s barrier defence is also useful. Try a mineral-based cream such as Origins Mega-Defence SPF 45 (£30 for 30ml) which will help prevent airborne pollution damage. 

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