Solo travel: top tips for travelling alone

08 May 2015

Going on a singles holiday is one of the most rewarding, things you can do as a solo traveller.

It is important to remember a few general travel tips and information on safety, health and wellbeing to make sure your time away on your singles holiday is the best it can be. Here’s some advice and information to guide our solo travellers.

Don’t pack too much in your suitcase

Packing light when you’re a solo traveller is the key to a stress-free holiday. You will want to be able to manage your luggage by yourself without asking for help, there can be health risk associated with carrying luggage that is too heavy for you. Also, if you have to catch flights as you travel, minimising your baggage to one carry-on size bag will enable fast transfers at airport security.

Stay safe while travelling

When travelling alone it is important to remember a few simple safety rules and tips. If you are heading out by yourself, let someone know where you are going, especially at night time. Don’t carry all (or a lot) of your money around – keep some locked securely away, along with an emergency card in your hotel room or cabin. Make sure you have access to a few emergency contacts if you think it’s necessary. It is extremely unlikely that you will be exposed to any situations where you feel out of your comfort zone on Saga holidays, but it is important to remember a few basics when you’re abroad.

Watch what you eat

One of the greatest pleasures of travelling is trying the various cuisines, but here too you must be health conscious. Don’t drink tap water, as it can be detrimental to your gastrointestinal health. Go for bottled water, and remember to avoid ice. With eating, the same health rules apply; avoid anything washed with tap water, and make sure if you are eating street food that it is fresh.

Learn to say no when shopping

In some cultures, salesmen go for the hard sell, and if you are unused to the attention it can be a little overwhelming. It’s important to remember that the best way to approach this is with a firm but polite no, and move on.

Dress sensibly

No matter where you are in the world, if you’re heading to the big tourist draws, avoid wearing expensive jewellery when you’re out during the day. Leave your more valuable accessories in your hotel room and save them for dinner in the evening. It’s also worth remembering that some countries are more conservative than the UK. In places like the Middle East and India, it’s best to keep your clothing modest, wearing longer shirts rather than sleeveless tops for example. Check the information and advice before you travel so that you can pack appropriately.

Document your travels

Whether you write about your travels in a journal, or a blog, or decide to take photographs at each destination, it can be fun to document your time away. Friends and family you left at home can experience a little of your travels too, and this will cement your own memories of your holiday as you read back over your experiences.

Balance planning with spontaneity

It’s important to plan ahead and have a general idea of what you want to do and where you want to stay, but don’t let that smother all spontaneity in your trip. One of the joys of travelling alone is not having to compromise based on another person’s needs, and being able to focus on your own. You can choose to go where you want on a whim, and it is worth embracing your freedom to do that while you’re away.

Enjoy every moment of your holiday

Travelling to international destinations alone can be a liberating experience in your life. The decisions are all yours, so take charge of what you want to do most. If you are keen to meet new people make sure you get the information you need to join in on the group activities available on-board. If you are looking for some me-time, get up early and seize the day.

On our Saga holiday site we offer information on travel insurance, visas and general advice on each country we travel to. Contact us through our site or over the phone if you are interested in the many singles holidays for over 50s that we offer. So why not start your solo journey with us?

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