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Royal Museums Greenwich At Home Live

Royal Museums Greenwich

11 June 2020

Discover amazing stories of the sea, space, history and creativity with Royal Museums Greenwich curators and special guests.

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Episode 10: Monday 8 June - World Oceans Day special

What do you see when you look at the sea? A world to investigate? An environment to protect? Or maybe simply a place to play? Join presenter Helen Czerski and special guests for a deep dive into our relationship with the ocean as part of World Oceans Day 2020.

Episode 9: Thursday 4 June - Mermaids

What is it about mermaids that keeps luring us in? The collections at Royal Museums Greenwich are full of these beautiful, strange figures, from grand oil paintings to odd sketches in the margins of journals and charts. But take another look and you'll see mermaids have changed again, from mythical creatures to powerful symbols of gender diversity.

Join us this week on Ships, Sea and Stars to find out why...

Episode 8: Thursday 28 May - Hidden Greenwich

The Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, the Queen's House and National Maritime Museum - all these places remind us of Greenwich's unique history. But as well as these historic sites, there are many other stories from London's past waiting to be discovered here.

Join us in uncovering hidden Greenwich, and uncover the secret histories of this beautiful stretch of the River Thames.

Episode 7: Thursday 21 May - Keeping shelves stocked: food, ships, supplies

Cutty Sark is a reminder of Britain’s sea trading past, but it's easy to forget how much we still rely on ships and ports to keep our food shelves stocked.

Over 85% of trade to and from the UK is transported by sea, and half of all the food we eat is imported. What is the history of this crucial maritime connection? And what's happening right now to keep those supply lines open? Find out this Thursday on Ships, Sea and the Stars.

Episode 6: Thursday 14 May - Togetherness: a Museum Week special

New Crescent Society founder Imad Ahmed explains how he and the Royal Observatory have joined forces to highlight the links between Islam and astronomy, while conservation manager Karen Jensen reveals what she's been doing to keep the Museum's collections safe during lockdown.

Episode 5: Thursday 7 May - Escape to the Coast

It’s nearly the May bank holiday – a time that normally would see thousands in the UK flocking to the coast. Even if many of us can’t visit in person, it’s hard to ignore the tug of the tide. Find out about why so many people find themselves drawn to the shore, and the many different objects, artworks, memories and mementos that connect us to the coast.

Episode 4: Thursday 30 April ‐ Keeping in touch: communication in isolation

We’ve come a long way from putting a message in a bottle and hoping for the best. Video calls have become a vital link for families and friends during these past weeks, but people have always found novel ways to stay in touch.

Join presenter Helen Czerski and experts from Royal Museums Greenwich to learn about how humans have communicated throughout history, overcoming vast distances, fierce seas and extreme environments to get the message home.

Episode 3: Thursday 23 April ‐ Staying healthy at sea: art, craft and exercise in isolation

Sailors have long known that ‘the devil finds work for idle hands’ – but how exactly can exercise, arts and crafts help keep us fit and healthy?

Physical activity and artistic expression have gone hand in hand at sea for centuries, and now many of us are following the same example, from virtual PE lessons to drawing, sewing and baking sessions. Find out the many ways art can help in isolation, and learn more about how the maritime industries today keep people fit and healthy at sea.

Episode 2: Thursday 16 April ‐ Journey into the unknown

On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13, Royal Museums Greenwich invites you on an adventure unlike any other. From deep sea to deep space via some of the most epic voyages in maritime history, find out what it’s like to venture into extreme environments – and what we’ve learned thanks to these remarkable human endeavours.

Episode 1: Thursday 9 April ‐ Castaways: isolation throughout history

Social distancing and self-isolation are strange and difficult new experiences for many of us - but looking back through history, being cut off from the outside world is nothing new.


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Royal Museums Greenwich

11 June 2020