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Seven top tips for entering competitions

Stewart Turner / 10 March 2015 ( 25 March 2020 )

They say you make your own luck, and armed with a few helpful tips you can give your chances of winning competitions a fair old boost. Here are a few handy competition hints for you – and the very best of luck!

Crossword puzzle and pencil
Ever been put off entering a prize crossword because you’re asked to come up with a witty tie-breaker at the end?

Master the art of ‘comping’ and you could have a lucrative new hobby on your hands.

1. Know where to find the best competitions

Once you start looking, you’ll find that competitions are everywhere. Get in the habit of scouring newspapers, magazines, websites and supermarket checkouts for quizzes, prize draws and giveaways.

Sign up to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which most companies now use in the first instance to push their products and services.

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2. Read the small print

It may seem obvious, but pore over the T&Cs of every competition you enter with a fine-toothed comb.

There’s no greater waste of time than firing off an ineligible entry, and you can cheer yourself up while wading through the small print in the knowledge that you can write off all the entries from rival compers who couldn’t be bothered to do the same.

3. Join a comping forum

Comping is a highly social scene, and there are dozens of online forums and websites to keep you up to speed with the latest prizes and giveaways.

Competition lovers can discover further information to help you navigate the world of comping on MoneySavingExpert.

4. Use shortcuts to fire off your entry quickly

Typing out your name, address, phone number and shoe size a dozen times a day is enough to give anyone RSI. Luckily, technology is your friend. Switch on the auto-fill facility in Windows on your computer or laptop and the tiresome bits of comping will be taken away.

You can also type all your commonly requested details out onto a document, which you can copy and paste from to speed up the entry process.

5. Don’t pay to enter any competitions

Watch out for online competitions which ask for your money – and never hand over any money for the privilege. There are plenty of competitions you can enter for free with just a bit of a Google search, and without the need to part with any of your cash.

It’s worth noting that some popular TV shows let you enter their phone-in competitions free if you visit their websites instead.

6. Go for competitions that require a bit of effort

Ever been put off entering a prize crossword because you’re asked to come up with a witty tie-breaker at the end? Don’t be. Competitions that ask for that little bit more will always have far fewer entrants, giving you a greater chance of winning.

7. And finally, have fun!

The best way to approach comping is to enjoy yourself and treat it as a bit of fun. If you’re expecting a holiday in the Maldives and early retirement by week two, you’re heading for disappointment. But put in a little time, effort and planning and you’ll slowly begin to reap the rewards.

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