10 reasons to choose a retirement village

Chris Torney / 26 April 2016 ( 26 September 2018 )

We look at 10 of the most compelling reasons to consider buying a retirement village property.

Moving into a retirement village can be a great decision that gives you a new lease of life in your later years.

The right village can offer a host of advantages that give you extra peace of mind, while making your life easier, more sociable and even more enjoyable.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider buying a property in a retirement village.

1. Excellent facilities and amenities

Britain’s top retirement villages have a huge range of top-class facilities, from spas and swimming pools to restaurants, cafes and hair salons. 

You can also expect to have wonderful landscaped gardens and well-maintained communal outdoor areas, often set in scenic countryside. 

In addition, on-site shops will cater for your day-to-day needs.

Retirement village living revealed.

2. A more suitable place to live

If you are still living in your longstanding family home in your later years, you may find it is simply too big for your needs. For example, paying to heat a three- or four-bedroom house when there are only one or two people living in it on a permanent basis may seem uneconomical. And maintaining a larger home, as well as perhaps a mature garden, can be increasingly challenging.

Moving into a new, well-equipped apartment in a retirement village may be just what you are looking for. The costs of running the property are likely to be lower and help dealing with maintenance issues will be readily available.

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3. You’ll still own your home

In comparison to moving into a residential care home and selling your house to cover future costs, buying a property in a retirement village means you will still own your own home. This means you will benefit from future house-price growth, as well as retain an asset that you can pass on to your family in your Will.

Downsizing from a large property to a retirement flat may also free up a considerable sum of capital which can be used for a variety of purposes, from paying for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to providing financial assistance to other family members.

4. Holding on to your independence

Living in a retirement village gives you a great opportunity to stay as independent as possible when you are older. 

You will remain responsible for your own home, and of course you will be able to come and go as you please, as well as entertain guests on prolonged visits if you wish.

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5. Access to help when needed

One of the biggest attractions of a retirement village is the ability to obtain help whenever you need it. This could be anything from a helping hand when it comes to dressing or shopping, to the administration of medication or assistance with bathing. The best villages will have on-site care that is available around the clock.

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6. Staying as a couple

A retirement village is one option for care in later life that ensures couples can remain living together. 

With residential care homes, unless both partners need to go into care at the same time and their requirements are very similar, this cannot always be possible.

7. Flexible accommodation

The properties that make up a retirement village are usually designed to meet their owners’ needs as they get older. For example, bathing arrangements are likely to be as convenient as possible and you can expect to find wide hallways and lift services to higher floors.

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8. Excellent security

Your retirement village is a safe and secure place to live, with someone always on hand to assist in emergencies. This provides great peace of mind not just when you are living in the village, but also when you are away visiting family members and friends, or on holiday.

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9. A great sense of community

In your retirement village you are likely to meet a large number of like-minded people who share your interests. The social side of village life is extremely important, and there are a wide range of events and groups to cater for all interests. 

The best retirement villages recognise the importance of fostering a real sense of community and are a pleasure to live in.

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10. Less reliance on your car or public transport

While residents in retirement villages are free to come and go as they please, the fact they have so many amenities on their doorsteps means they often no longer have any great need to drive or use public transport, at least on a regular basis.

You may also find that your retirement village offers complimentary or low-cost use of a car with a driver for any short trips you do need to make.

For further information about retirement living and how to find your perfect home, download and read our complete guide to Retirement Living and Villages.

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